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  • RHC's Regular Program DXERS UNLIMITED, with Professor Arnaldo 'Arnie' Coro 15/08/17

    RHC's weekly feature dedicated to the facinating world of radio communications.

  • Cuban Association of United Nations Pays Tribute to Fidel12/08/17

    The Cuban Association of the United Nations, an NGO here in Havana with close links to the Foreign Ministry, paid tribute to Fidel Castro on the 91st anniversary of his birth, marked on August 13.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show12/08/17

    Today's program features an interview with Bahamian painter Kevin Cooper.

  • RHC's Weekly Segment 'Breakthrough'12/08/17

    RHC's weekly segment on science and technology brought by Arnaldo 'Arnie' Coro.

  • RHC's Senior Journalist Arnaldo 'Arnie' Coro Awarded Cuba's National Radio Prize12/08/17

    In the interview, Arnie speaks about his lifelong carrier in radio communication and broadcast.

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  • RHC's Mailbag Show09/08/17

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

  • RHC's Regular Program DXERS UNLIMITED, with Professor Arnaldo 'Arnie' Coro 09/08/17

    RHC's weekly feature dedicated to the facinating world of radio communications.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show04/08/17

    The Ministry of Health in Jamaica is looking to engage an additional 500 public health aides this year as part of its Zika virus response program, aimed at ridding communities of mosquito breeding sites.

  • RHC's Interview with Political Scientist Germán Sánchez, a Former Ambassador in Venezuela04/08/17

    Venezuela is in the news a lot these days and there is a major international media campaign – orchestrated by the United States – to confuse public opinion and even prepare conditions for foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the Venezuela people. Up next, Radio Havana Cuba's Juan Jacomino brings us the comments of a former ambassador to Caracas and someone who knows what the situation is really like on the ground in Venezuela.

  • Port Authority from Cuba and Houston Sign Memorandum of Cooperation03/08/17

    Officials from the U.S. city of Houston, Texas have visited Havana with the aim of promoting new business opportunities between Cuba and the major U.S. port city. Located in Southeast Texas near the Gulf of Mexico, the Port of Houston ranks first in the United States in handling international waterborne tonnage. While in the Cuban capital, officials signed a memorandum of cooperation.

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  • Former Cuban Diplomat Ricardo Alarcon Speaks about the Ana Belén Case in the U.S.02/08/17

    Ana Belén is a Puerto Rican political prisoner, jailed in the United States now for more than 15 years. Her case has been silenced by the mainstream media in the U.S. and it's difficult to get a good grasp of Ana's situation due to the lack of information in the media.

  • RHC's Mailbag Show02/08/17

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

  • RHC's Interview with U.S. Activist Gloria la Riva01/08/17

    Long-time U.S. activist Gloria la Riva says Americans need to know more about Cuba and the best way to do so is visiting the Caribbean state in groups.

  • Cuban Tourism Continues to Grow, Positively Impacting Other Industries28/07/17

    Tourism is a major source of income for Cuba, as this Caribbean island recently welcomed it's 3 million-th visit to our shores.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show28/07/17

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the spread of an HIV strain resistant to some of the most widely used medicines could undermine progress in the treatment and prevention of HIV infection in the Caribbean and elsewhere if early and effective action is not taken.

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  • RHC's Interview with Bolivian President Evo Morales27/07/17

    In the interview, President Evo Morales speaks about the revolutionary events in Cuba on July 26th, 1953, and their significance for all of Latin America, about the 50th anniversary of 'Che' Guevara's death and the territorial dispute between Bolivia and Chile.

  • RHC's Mailbag Show 26/07/17

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

  • Cuba Reaffirms Unconditional Solidarity with Venezuela26/07/17

    Cuban Vice President José Ramón Machado Ventura reaffirmed our country's unwavering support for and solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and demanded international respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of the Venezuelan people.

  • RHC's Regular Program DXERS UNLIMITED, with Arnie Coro25/07/17

    RHC's weekly feature dedicated to the facinating world of radio communications.

  • RHC's Interview with Gail Walker, Executive Director of IFCO/Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba25/07/17

    The 28th U.S.-Cuba IFCO/Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan is here in Cuba, openly defying the economic, commercial and financial blockade maintained by the United States of America on Cuba for over half a century now. Radio Havana Cuba's Lorenzo Oquendo spoke with Gail Walker –the daughter of U.S. Reverend, the late Lucius Walker, who founded the U.S.-Cuba friendshipment caravans back in 1992.

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  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show 14/07/17

    The Haitian government has initiated a process to reform the country's armed forces as the UN mission is scheduled to leave the Caribbean state later this year.

  • RHC's Interview with U.S. Doctor and Scientist Rita Colwell07/07/17

    Dr. Colwell took part in the 11th International Convention on Environment and Development, which ends Friday at the palacio de convenciones... Havana's International Convention Center.

  • RHC's Mailbag Show (July 5, 2017)05/07/17

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup26/07/17

    Colorful, picturesque and mystical, the community of San Cristobal de La Habana combines its history of nearly five centuries with personages who have been immortalized in either bronze or stone, thus attracting tourists looking for traditions and celebrities.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup14/07/17

    A new exhibition is exploring a lesser-known side of Cuban design history. In 1973, Cuban graphic designer Olivio Martinez made a political poster in commemoration of October 8, 1967: the day of Che Guevara’s death.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (July 7, 2017)07/07/17

    Naive painters from Bayate group, based in the Julio Antonio Mella municipality, Santiago de Cuba province, will have the opportunity to attend the International Folk Art Fair, which will be held in the next few days, in Santa Fe, USA.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (July 5, 2017)05/07/17

    July is a wonderful month to visit Cuba although, in truth, it can be very hot and it is the rainy season. On the other hand, it can be a much cheaper time to visit the country, given that you would be visiting outside of the peak tourist season, which runs from October through to April. Apart from the cost, a great thing about visiting in July is that there are some very good festivals on during this time


    Several social, political and academic sectors in the United States have rejected the expressions of racial hatred by White Supremacists registered over the past weekend in Charlotessville, in the state of Virginia, and have lamented the softness with which President Donald Trump innitially commented on those events that left three dead and several wounded when a racist drove his car into a crowd protesting racial discrimination.

  • A PUNCTURED LUNG?04/08/17

    Senseless human activity and the dangerous ambitions of the powerful transnational companies are causing one of the worst tragedies afflicting humanity.

  • Cuban cigars: Renowned around the World03/08/17

    Tobacco and cigars, the best in the world, are products that distinguish Cuba in the world. The incredible fragrance and quality of Cuba's tobacco leaves, particularly those grown in the nationŝ Westernmost province, Pinar del Rio, have earned Cuban cigars and cigarretes a well deserved international distinction. To both, the connoseurs and profanes, no pleasure equals the aroma of a Havana cigar.

  • Earth Overshoot Day02/08/17

    According to agencies which specialize in environmental affairs, this Wednesday, August second, is Earth Overshoot Day – marking the date when humanity's demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year.


    Since he assumed his post last January, Donald Trump has revealed himself as a contradictory, sometimes erratic, person in his statements on international affairs as well as his frenetic obsession to impose sanctions against countries whose rulers are not of his linking or convenience.

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  • The Violence of Poverty27/07/17

    Over the past several days, 15 people have died in two separate incidents when they attempted to reach the United States without entry documents, all of them living under a common denominator: the abject poverty afflicting them in their home countries.

  • APOCALYPSE NOW!!!14/07/17

    RHC's viewpoint by senior journalist Alberto D. Pérez.

  • Cubans Highlight Legacy of Fidel Castro 91 Years after His Birth12/08/17

    The first vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) Elio Gamez highlighted the principle of solidarity that guided the life and work of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro, on the occasion of his 91st birthday anniversary.

  • Cuban Government Rebuts Washington's Harassment Allegations on U.S. Diplomats10/08/17

    The Cuban government responded Wednesday to allegations from Washington regarding supposed harassment incidents related to the U.S. embassy staff in Havana and said Cuba strictly and seriously complies with its diplomatic protection obligations.

  • Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Demands End to Foreign Interference in Venezuela09/08/17

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez has demanded an end to foreign interference in Venezuela.

  • Cuba Consolidates Its Mother-Child Healthcare Program04/08/17

    Dr. Roberto Álvarez Fumero, Head of the National Mother-Child Healthcare Program at the Cuban Public Health Ministry said the sector's indicators in the first half of 2017 are a clear indication that the program has further consolidated nationwide.

  • U.S. Democratic Senator Introduces Bill to End Cuba Blockade and Normalize Trade Relations02/08/17

    U.S. Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden –a Democrat from Oregon-- on Monday introduced the U.S.-Cuba Trade Act of 2017 to repeal Washington's blockade policy on Cuba and establish normal trade relations with the Caribbean state.

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  • Cuba Denounces U.S.-Led International Campaign Against Venezuela 01/08/17

    Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Relations, MINREX, has issued a statement denouncing the implementation of an international campaign, led by the United States, to silence the voice of the Venezuelan people.

  • Santiago Residents Pay Tribute to Revolutionary Leader Frank País on 60th Anniversary of His Assassination28/07/17

    Residents of the Cuban eastern province of Santiago Cuba will pay tribute to revolutionary leader Frank País and his comrade-in-arms Raúl Pujol on Sunday, July 30th, marking the 60th anniversary of their assassination by henchmen of the Batista dictatorship.

  • Messages of Congratulations Continue to Pour in on Occasion of Cuba' s National Rebellion Day27/07/17

    The Venezuelan government congratulated the people of Cuba on the occasion of National Rebellion Day, marked this July 26th.

  • Pastors for Peace Continues Struggle to End U.S. Blockade of Cuba25/07/17

    The coordinator of the 28th U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan, Luis Barrios, affirmed that Pastors for Peace will continue the struggle to eliminate the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba more than half a century ago, which he described as “unjust, illegal and immoral.”

  • Cuban President Raúl Castro Presides Over Plenary Session of National Assembly of People's Power14/07/17

    Cuban President Raúl Castro presided over the plenary of the Ninth Regular Session of the Eighth Legislature of the National Assembly of People's Power on Friday.

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  • Gabonese President Begins Work Agenda in Cuba07/07/17

    The president of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, began his official visit to Havana on Friday in a meeting with Esteban Lazo, president of the National Assembly of the People's Power, and other parliamentary authorities.

  • European Union Parliament Ratifies Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement with Cuba05/07/17

    The European Parliament has ratified the first ever deal between the European Union and Cuba as the continental bloc makes overtures to the island nation despite U.S. President Donald Trump's hard-line stance against Havana.



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