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  • Gloria la Riva: "No Matter How Hard He Tries, It Will Be Difficult for Trump to Reverse Relations between the Cuban and American Peoples" 27/06/17

    More and more people continue to voice rejection to the changes in the Cuba policy introduced by US President Donald Trump on June 16 during a visit and political speech in Miami. RHC spoke with Gloria la Riva, Coordinator of the US Solidarity Committee with Cuba and Venezuela. The San Francisco-based activist said it will be hard for the Trump administration to reverse relations between the Cuban and American peoples.

  • Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez on President Trump's Anti-Cuba Rhetoric26/06/17

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez gave a news conference recently, during which he addressed Washington's new policy toward Cuba, as announced by U.S. President Donald Trump. After a statement, the Cuban foreign minister took questions from accredited journalists covering the news conference... and we bring you now a couple excepts from that question and answer session. First, in response to a question about Trump running counter to his own stated platform during the presidential campaign, regarding his support for business efforts. And Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez fielded a question about the likelihood of Donald Trump's Cold War policies, designed not only with regard to Cuba, but also to the rest of the world.

  • RHC's Segment 'Focus on Africa'26/06/17

    Radio Havana Cuba's every other Monday program 'FOCUS ON AFRICA' on events taking place in or affecting African nations and peoples.

  • Authorities of Minnesota Express Support for Cuba in Face of Trump's Anti-Cuba Rhetoric24/06/17

    The lieutenant governor of Minnesota was in Cuba on an official visit, to help boost agricultural sales from that northern U.S. state to the Caribbean island. And she had some interesting things to say about Donald Trump's new policies toward Cuba, announced last week in Miami.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show (June 23, 2017)23/06/17

    For the second time in a month, an anti-Venezuela vote at the OAS fell for a lack of support.

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  • Foreign Minister: "Cuba Will Never Make Concessions that Compromise Its Sovereignty and Independence"21/06/17

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez speaks at a news conference in Vienna earlier this week. Cuba's top diplomat addressed the recently announced changes in Washington's Cuba policy, revealed by U.S. President Donald Trump. Following his statement in Spanish, Bruno Rodriguez spoke in English for the accredited journalists covering the news conference.

  • RHC's Mailbag Show (June 21, 2017)21/06/17

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

  • RHC's Segment 'The Voice of José Martí'21/06/17

    Up next, we have another edition of our series on Cuba's National Hero, Jose Marti... we call the program – THE VOICE OF JOSE MARTI

  • Foreign Minister Says Trump's New Cuba Policy 'A Setback for Bilateral Relations'19/06/17

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Monday held a press conference in Vienna, the Austrian capital, where he is on an official visit. The news conference was held in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's new policies toward Cuba, announced last Friday in Miami.

  • RHC's Scientific and Medical Report (June 19, 2017)19/06/17

    The use of technological advances to benefit society and their implementation in various fields, such as medicine, is one of the primary objectives of the Central Institute for Digital Research (ICID), with the purpose of guaranteeing the wellbeing of the Cuban people.

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  • RHC's Interview with Cuban Scholar Carlos Alzugaray17/06/17

    Cuban scholar Carlos Alzugaray discusses speech by Trump in Miami on Friday. Trump lied when he said he canceled the policy changes introduced by Obama, charges Alzugaray. If Cuba had 110 billion dollars to spend on purchases from the US, like Saudi Arabia had--said Alzugaray--there wouldn't have been Trump's anti-Cuba speech in Miami.

  • RHC's Regular Program DXERS UNLIMITED, with Professor Arnaldo 'Arnie' Coro13/06/17

    RHC's weekly feature dedicated to the facinating world of radio communications.

  • RHC's Interview with Coordinator of Cuban Medical Brigade in Venezuela13/06/17

    On the occasion of June 14, being an anniversary of the birth of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, himself a medical doctor and a Latin American who fought for an improvement of the lives of his compatriots in the continent, RHC spoke with the coordinator of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Venezuela, Dr. Roberto González.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 13, 2017)13/06/17

    The Nicolas Guillern Foundation will host a meeting of intellectuals on July 10th and 11th to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the 2nd International Congress of Writers in Defense of Culture.

  • RHC's Interview with Historian Sergio Guerra12/06/17

    June is a month when three major anniversaries are being commemorated in Latin America for regional patriots. RHC spoke with historian Sergio Guerra, for a perspective on the lives and contribution that these figures have made to the continent and the world. GJ brings us Sergio Guerra’s comments.

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  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show (June 9, 2017)09/06/17

    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) staged a side-event at the UN Oceans Conference in New York, Wednesday, with a focus on collaboration and networking to help the region achieve its sustainable development goals.

  • Foreign-backed Extreme Right Has Failed in its Attempts to Destabilize Venezuela06/06/17

    Venezuela's Ambassador to Havana, Ali Rodriguez speaks about the situation in the South American nation.

  • President Raúl Castro Calls to Continue Updating Cuba’s Socialist Socio-Economic Model02/06/17

    Cuban President Raul Castro delivered the closing remarks at Thursday's Extraordinary Session of the National Assembly of People's Power

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show (June 2, 2017)02/06/17

    The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Keith Rowley, has said that the current head of the Organization of American States (OAS) Luis Almagro has to be changed.

  • RHC's Regular Program DXERS UNLIMITED, with Professor Arnaldo 'Arnie' Coro 30/05/17

    RHC's weekly feature dedicated to the facinating world of radio communications.

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  • RHC's Interview with Ambassador of Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (Part II)29/05/17

    Juan Jacomino brings us the second part of his interview with Ambassador Loro Horta, the son of the former President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate José Ramos-Horta. In the first part of the interview, which we aired on Saturday, Jacomino spoke with the ambassador about medical cooperation between his country and Cuba.

  • RHC's Interview with Ambassador of Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (Part I)27/05/17

    Juan Jacomino brings us the first part of his interview with Ambassador Loro Horta, the son of the former President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate José Ramos-Horta.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show (May 26, 2017)26/05/17

    Havana is wrapping up the sixth edition of its International Colloquium on Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean that was devoted to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • RHC's Segment 'The Voice of José Martí'24/05/17

    Gerwyn Jones and Juan Jacomino bring us another program in a new series here on Radio Havana Cuba. It's called THE VOICE OF JOSE MARTI – and we are airing our new program as we commemorate this month another anniversary of the death in combat of Cuba's National Hero, on May 19, 1895...

  • RHC's Mailbag Show (May 24, 2017)24/05/17

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

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  • RHC's Regular Program DXERS UNLIMITED, with Professor Arnaldo 'Arnie' Coro 23/05/17

    RHC's weekly feature dedicated to the facinating world of radio communications.

  • 6th International Colloquium on Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean23/05/17

    Juan Jacomino brings a report on the 6th International Colloquium on Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean, which opened last night at Havana's cultural center, Casa de las Americas. Jaco spoke with a number of participants, many of whom are exhibiting their works during the gathering, which goes on through the end of this week.

  • RHC's Interview with Accomplished Sculptor and Painter Jasmine Thomas-Girvan22/05/17

    The 6th international colloquium on Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean is being held all this week at the Casa de las Americas here in Havana. Up next, Juan Jacomino speaks with one of the exhibitors, Jasmine Thomas-Girvan, as she was setting up on the first day of the exhibit. Jasmine is an accomplished sculptor and painter, who has also worked on jewelry design, who lives in Trinidad and Tobago and is the widow of Norman Girvan, a well-known Jamaican professor who served as the secretary general of the Association of Caribbean States between the years 2000 and 2004.

  • RHC's Caribbean Outlook Show (May 19, 2017)19/05/17

    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has served notice that no amount of pressure will lead the regional grouping to turn its back on Venezuela.

  • RHC's Interview with Author and Translator Esther Allen19/05/17

    In the interview, Esther speaks about the relevance of José Martí’s thought to our own day and age, and also about the challenges to translation posed by his style.

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  • Over One Thousand Activists from Around the World Participate in Solidarity with Cuba Conference10/05/17

    RHC's interview with a U.S. participant at a recently held solidarity conference here in the Cuban capital.

  • RHC's Interview with Radio Host Karen Dalessandro10/05/17

  • RHC's Segment 'The Voice of José Martí'10/05/17

    Gerwyn Jones and Juan Jacomino introduce a new program segment here on Radio Havana Cuba. It's called THE VOICE OF JOSE MARTI – and we are airing our new program as we get ready to commemorate another anniversary of the death in combat of Cuba's National Hero, on May 19, 1895...

  • RHC's Mailbag Show (May 10, 2017)10/05/17

    In this program we not only acknowledge receipt of your reception reports and share your comments and suggestions with other listeners. We also answer your questions on the air.

  • Delegation from Socialist Workers Party in the United States Attends May Day Celebrations in Cuba04/05/17

    An important solidarity meeting took place on Tuesday here in Havana, with the participation of activists from around the world. RHC spoke with one of the participants from the united states.

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  • Trade Unionists from Around the World Express Solidarity with Cuba03/05/17

    More than one thousand unionists and representatives of social movements from all over the world participated Tuesday here in Havana in an International Meeting for Solidarity with Cuba.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 27, 2017)27/06/17

    The Cuban Mariana de Gonitch Singing Academy will close the ninth edition of the Varadero Gourmet International Festival on June 30, Hugo Osle, director of the academy has reported.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 26, 2017)26/06/17

    US artists will participate in the Traveling World Festival of Poetry of Our America, to be held from July 9th to 15th in Cuba seeking to promote cultural exchange between the two countries, According to Alex Pausides, director of the Association of Writers and the Festival of Havana.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 24, 2017)24/06/17

    The well-known Cuban reggaeton group, Gente de Zona, has announced on its official website that it will embark on its first-ever US summer tour to promote its latest album ''Visualízate''.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 21, 2017)21/06/17

    Carnival season is upon us in Cuba. In a couple of days the Trinidad Carnival, known locally as the Fiestas San Juaneras runs from June 24 - 27 in the streets of the beautiful colonial city. It involves street parades, elaborate costumes, floats, games, and competitions. There are also displays of horsemanship from the local guajiros, and a local carnival queen is chosen and ceremoniously crowned.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 20, 2017)20/06/17

    The 23rd German Film Festival is to screen six award winning feature films from June 22-30 in Havana, according to organizers of the event.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 19, 2017)19/06/17

    From July 3 to 15, the Cuban capital will host the International Laboratory of Folklore, FolkCuba 2017, an initiative organized to promote the dances and the national customs, the organizers have reported .

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 12, 2017)12/06/17

    Septeto Santiaguero will kick off its fourth tour of the United States in July. The summer tour of the band, which won the 2015 Latin Grammy Award for its record No Quiero Llanto-Tributo a Los Compadres, will run from July 19 to August 12 and will include 13 U.S. cities, under the auspices of the Cuban recording company EGREM and the Texas-based firm Freshen Up Arts.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 6, 2017)06/06/17

    The International Festival of Music and Dance ''City of Úbeda'' has conferred, in Spain, the Gold Medal and the National Friends of Music Award to the Cuban Alicia Alonso, the Cuban National Ballet reports today.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (June 2, 2017)02/06/17

    The Harp Quartet of Chicago, will hold two concerts in Cuba along with the local Symphony Orchestra of Amadeo Roldán Conservatory, the Cuban Music Institute reports. The shows, scheduled for June 2-3, in the Covarrubias Hall of the National Theater, will feature the leading ensemble of harps in North America.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (May 26, 2017)26/05/17

    Outstanding artists of the Spanish film industry are to visit Cuba to present feature films in the 2017 Spanish Film Festival in Havana, this according to the Cuban Film Library today.

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  • RHC's Arts Roundup (May 24, 2017)24/05/17

    The Cuban Higher Institute of Arts (ISA) will host a festival from May 24th to June 4th with the participation of artists from 12 countries, the organizers announced today.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (May 23, 2017)23/05/17

    The 2nd edition of the European Movie Festival in Cuba will exhibit 19 films coming from 16 nations from June 1st to 11 in Havana.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (May 19, 2017)19/05/17

    The film Lucia, considered one of the masterpieces of cinema in Cuba, will be screened in a restored version during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, in France.

  • RHC's Arts Roundup (May 3, 2017)03/05/17

    The Romerias de Mayo is a christian party that constitutes a tradition of the city of Holguin, in the province of the same name.

  • Colombia: A Call to Build Up Peace27/06/17

    The Colombian insurgent forces, the Revolutionary Armed Forces, known by their initials as FARC, the largest guerrilla group in that South American nation, have concluded the process of handing over their weapons and are now getting ready to initiate the most difficult process, that of constructing peace through their full incorporation to the civilian and political life of that South American nation.

  • Brexit: A Deal with an Uncertain Future21/06/17

    Severely shaken by Parliamentary elections that she convened without needing them, British Prime Minister Theresa May has begun the negotiations for her country's break from the European Union, the so-called Brexit, while her country is showing extreme weakness not only in its dealings with the continental block but within her own Conservative Party, which is obviously divided about the wisdom of such step for the future of Britain.

  • President Trump and His Speechwriters20/06/17

    The plan to revert the process towards the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States was endorsed by President Donald Trump but was closely backed by two favorite spokesmen for the counter revolutionary industry in Florida.

  • Poverty, The Outcome of Changes in Argentina 06/06/17

    Argentine President Mauricio Macri promised during his electoral campaign to promote changes in his country, and certainly many things have changed during his mandate, and that is exactly what he has achieved. In fact, under his rule poverty has swiftly expanded in that South American nation, especially among youngsters, children and infants.

  • The Type of Peace Proposed by Trump for the Middle East23/05/17

    The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has chosen, in his first trip abroad as Chief Executive, to include Israel in his schedule, and told his hosts that his visit is “a rare opportunity to promote peace” in that deeply troubled area, where millions of Palestinian civilians are condemned to live in subhuman conditions as a result of the brutal zionist occupation.

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  • International Seminar To Demand Return of Guantánamo to Cuba03/05/17

    Some two hundred delegates from twenty five nations will meet in the city of Guantanamo and will visit the municipality of Caimanera, where the US keeps a huge military enclave.

  • Bolivia to Strengthen Economic, Political Relations with Cuba27/06/17

    Bolivia's Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni Mamani said on Monday in Havana that his country wants to strengthen economic relations with Cuba in addition to consolidating integration among all Latin American and Caribbean nations and peoples.

  • World Peace Movement Denounces Washington's Interference in Cuban Affairs26/06/17

    The World Peace Movement has denounced the aggressive Cuba policy of the new U.S. administration, which resorts to threats to try to destroy the revolutionary process in the Caribbean state.

  • United Nations Population Fund Calls Cuba a Benchmark in Latin American Education24/06/17

    Rafael Cuesta, international coordinator of programs of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), said Friday that Cuba is a benchmark in Latin American education, particularly with gender focus.

  • Voices in the U.S. and Around the World Continue to Rise in Opposition to Donald Trump's Reversal of Cuba Policy 21/06/17

    Voices from across the political spectrum in the United States and around the world continue to be heard in opposition to Donald Trump's reversal of Cuba policy.

  • President Raúl Castro Receives Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines20/06/17

    President Raúl Castro has received the Honorable Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who is paying a working visit to Cuba.

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  • Cuban Foreign Minister Rejects New Policy Announced by Trump, Says Cuba Will not Yield to Pressure19/06/17

    Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez condemned President Donald Trump's new policy toward Cuba and said the island will never negotiate under pressure or threat.

  • President Raúl Castro Receives Foreign Minister of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg13/06/17

    President Raúl Castro met Monday in Havana with Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Immigration, and Asylum, for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, who is paying an official visit to the country.

  • Cuba Values Vietnamese Experience in Perfecting People’s Power12/06/17

    Cuban Parliament President Esteban Lazo said Monday in Hanoi that Cuba highly values Vietnam's experiences in perfecting people's power.

  • Trade Unionists Around the World Call for Ending Blockade on Cuba09/06/17

    Trade unionists from around the world have called for an end to the U.S. economic blockade against Cuba during an event held at the European Parliament based in Brussels.

  • Top Vietnamese Military Delegation Visits Cuba06/06/17

    A Vietnamese military delegation headed by Defense Minister General Ngo Xuan Lich, began an official three-day visit to Cuba on Monday.

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  • Lawmakers Reaffirm Socialist Character of Cuban Revolution02/06/17

    Cuban President Raul Castro, speaking at the closing of the National Assembly's Extraordinary Session on Thursday, said that lawmakers had reaffirmed the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution.

  • President Raúl Receives Counterpart from Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic26/05/17

    Cuban President Raúl Castro met Friday in Havana with his counterpart from the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Brahim Ghali, who arrived in Havana Thursday evening for an official visit.

  • Cuba, Ecuador Renew Commitment to Regional Integration24/05/17

    Cuban Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel, and his Ecuadorian counterpart Jorge Glas, renewed both their countries' commitment to integration amongst all Latin American and Caribbean states around existing integration mechanisms like the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA).

  • Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel Leads Cuban Delegation to Inauguration of New Ecuadorian President23/05/17

    Cuba's First Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel is leading the country's delegation to the inauguration of Lenín Moreno as President of Ecuador, set for Wednesday, May 24th.

  • Raúl Castro Receives Special Envoy of President of Angola19/05/17

    President Raúl Castro met in Havana with Joao Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, Minister of Defense of Angola and special envoy of Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos.

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  • Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Pays Tribute to José Martí and Fidel Castro in Santiago de Cuba04/05/17

    Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Delgado Thursday paid tribute to Cuba’s National Hero José Martí and Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

  • Cuban Foreign Minister Calls to Uphold Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as 'Zone of Peace'03/05/17

    Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, called on member countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to uphold the proclamation of the region as a zone of peace.



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