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World Peace Movement Denounces Washington's Interference in Cuban Affairs

Havana, June 26 (RHC)-- The World Peace Movement has denounced the aggressive Cuba policy of the new U.S. administration, which resorts to threats to try to des... More

Influential U.S. Media Lashes out at Trump's Cuba Policy Shift

Havana, June 26 (RHC)-- Some of the most influential media outlets in the United States have lashed out at President Donald Trump's latest Miami speech.... More

Global Trade Unionists Demand End of U.S. Blockade against Cuba

Brussels, June 26 (RHC)-- Union leaders from 13 countries representing the five continents, gathered at the Brussels International Trade Union Meeting... More

 Foreign Minister of Bolivia Fernando Huanacuni
Foreign Ministers of Bolivia, New Zealand to Visit Cuba

Havana, June 26 (RHC) -- Foreign ministers of Bolivia and New Zealand, Fernando Huanacuni and Gerry Brownlee, respectively, will begin official visits to Cuba t... More

Cuba to Welcome Larger Numbers of Tourists this Year

Havana, June 26 (RHC-Xinhua) -- Cuba expects to welcome 4.2 million tourists this year, 200,000 more than in 2016, a Cuban tourism official said Sunday.... More

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva
Defense Attorneys Say Evidence Proves Brazil's Lula da Silva Must Be Acquitted

Brasilia, June 26 (RHC)-- The lack of evidence from the prosecution to convict former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva on corruption ch... More

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syrian Army Positions in Golan Heights

Damascus, June 26 (RHC)-- The Israeli military has carried out a string of aerial assaults against the positions of the Syrian government forces in Golan Height... More

Dominican Women Take to the Streets to Demand Abortion Rights

Santo Domingo, June 26 (RHC-teleSUR)-- Hundreds of women took to the streets of the capital of the Dominican Republic Sunday, demanding the country's lawmakers ... More

Full-Page Report in New York Times Chronicles Every Lie Trump Told Since Taking Office

New York, June 26 (RHC)-- The New York Times has printed a full-page report detailing every lie President Trump has told since taking office. ... More

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange
Ecuador Confirms Asylum Protection for Julian Assange to Continue

Quito, June 26 (RHC-teleSUR)-- Ecuadorean authorities have confirmed the country will continue to protect WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange... More

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